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The 100 Season 8: Will There Be a Season 8 For The 100?

The 100 Season 8

The 100 is a TV series where a nuclear apocalypse has decimated the human race. Seventy-five years after a war obliterated most of Earth’s population, a few thousand survivors have banded together to form a new society. 

On the Ark, they have to ensure their survival and ensure they do not repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. The story takes us from Ground Zero in the devastated city of Los Angeles to an ancient place called Arkadia, where 100 teenagers have been chosen to repopulate Earth. 

A 100-year population limit is enforced on the Ark, and when the spaceship housing these people moves from Earth to a new planet in a distant solar system, a terrible force has been unleashed in space, and there’s no way to stop it.

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Now in the Ark, Fourteen years have passed since Pure Flux razed the world, and life has settled into a routine on Ark. After watching 1-7 seasons of The 100, now fans are waiting for season 8. Here are all details about The 100 season 8.

Will There Be A “The 100” Season 8?

Series delayed because of a virus called an epidemic. The creation of season 7 has been closed because of COVID-19.

The eighth season will not occur, or if it is resumed in the future, we will update you. The enthusiasts are equally sad as they cannot see their favorite cast anymore.

The 100 Season 8 Expected Cast, If Renewed

Although an eighth season is not greenlit, we hope to see these last back as possible with a new season.

The 100 Plot

The story of The 100 spins around a centuries-old spaceship called Ark. The Ark is a home for humankind’s remnants where the society has been constructed and controls its resources to ensure human survival. But it is not all fun and games, and even though the society was built on specific ‘rules,’ nothing works as planned. 

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There is an ongoing civil war between those who want to live following the rules and those who want to do things their way. There are even some who want to bring the Ark down. 

The series is based on the post-apocalyptic used of Kass Morgan’s novel The 100. It also focuses on the Ark, a device that allows human-like life to be sustained for millennia.

The 100 was produced by Jason Rothenberg, with executive producers Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo. It is set primarily in a post-apocalyptic future not far from our own, though it takes place mostly in space. 

The series follows 100 adolescents chosen through genetic selection to repopulate the Earth on a spaceship called Ark, orbiting the Moon. As they prepare to leave Earth for the first time, a force from beyond space and time threatens to destroy them all.

The 100 is also known as “The Ark. ” The 100 begins when the 100 are put into cryo-stasis to survive the long journey to Earth when it is discovered that they are not human. 

On Earth, they are animals in a zoo where animals dominate the survivors living on Ark. The Ark is in space in a solar system with no sun, and no one on the Ark knows how to make it move or what will happen when they do move.

Final Words

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