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Best TFT Team Comps For Patch 11.16

Jax has been a reliable carry option for a while, but there are plenty of other comps in this patch that have been reinforced with 6 Skirmishers. We’re not sure if the banter is better than Knight, but we’ll have to see how it goes. 

This patch revolves around Jax as the primary carrier, with a skirmish and Knight Team Comp.   

Set 55 is just around the corner for patch 1.11.6, and this is the first real chance for riots to balance the new unit features. They started with the old ones and tried to bring back Legionnaires, Nocturne, Blender, and Love. 

Meta For The Dawn Of Heroes

The meta for the Dawn of Heroes update is far from resolved, but one thing is for sure: players will be much happier with Radiant and Shadow items.    

With this in mind, Riot is trying to reduce the power picks and TFTs for patch 11.16. In this new patch, Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 will undergo minimal changes without affecting significant competitive changes.    

With such a balanced and diverse metagame at the moment, it is essential to maintain a large handful of solid and unique compositions to climb the ladder to the top. 

The enhanced meta patch for Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 has resulted in several playable comps that place multiple carriers in the top four.   

Coinciding with the mid-year riot games, the tacticians had a three-week break between patches 11.15 and 11.16. The B-Patch was released during the break, giving TFT players a total of two weeks until the next update.    

In addition to those included in patch 1.12.6, Mortdog’s verification of the data confirms that this is the B-side of the update.    

The meta and team fighting tactics are beginning to play out, and players are getting more adept at navigating the new unit comps and synergies that bring the middle of the set. 

TFT Team Comps Patch 11.16

An additional week of patch 11.15 was helpful for many TFT players to gain further experience with new champions without having to worry about significant meta changes or minor tweaks in the middle patch.   

Patch 1.11.6 includes:

  • Some significant changes to Abomination.
  • A general Nerf for Legionnaires.
  • A general buff for Trait.

The most significant item change is the Normal Radiant Item, a typical champion buff—a solid third point with a large CC in meta 1.10.5.    

The changes to Spellweaver make this comp an exciting idea, but we’re not being sold as a meta pick. As an offshoot of the Bill of Gates Comp, which includes champions like Teemo, Heimerding, Gwen, and Volibear, this comp weakens them all.    

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This comp envisages using Ziggs as the primary carrier and using Hellion and other strong supply units to carry them out. 

Swap Object For Teemo

If you don’t have a 3-star Trist, you can swap Object for Teemo and convert it into Invoice Gate comp with Revenant and Invoker. In this manner, you can follow if you have the most recent win streak and switch to a late-game team comp at level 8.    

These are the best unit comps for Patch 1.11.7, according to the average ratings of several sites on the Internet. Each indicates which unit you should buy for the comp and the best positive synergy to combine.    

Despite the nervousness of Lucian in the 11.15 B patch, this set of 55 champions remains one of the best carriers in meta. The Abomination of the Draconian has rank S in the TFT meta and can be used with the three-star ash from Heimerdinger. 

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Not much has changed at the Abom-Draconic Comp, but it is still a proven gold farming strategy that gives players a good chance of winning first place.   

Overall, we can assume that the 3-star Vayne Comp will surpass the forgotten Vayne Comp. All in all, Yasuo, Aphelios, Jax, and Riven are the best TFT Set 55 comps to play in the enhanced 1.11.5 patch.    

Riot tried to annoy the Tristana Comp on Hellion in patch 1.11.6 overall, but it is still powerful. You can switch between different comps, but you need to do it this way if you are committed to slow rolling. 

Tristan As Comp

Tristan as comp spikes hyper-fast, so remember to bet gold and get a lot of early Hellion if you want to decide.   

This comp is a late-game intoxication at level 9, and some late-game units are used. Things like ivern, avibear, and other units to which the comp adapts are a bit weak. It’s still a powerful late-game that goes well when you have a strong economy going into the late game. 

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