Zoe Saldana Casts As Voice Character In ‘Maya and the Three’

Zoe Saldana

Zeo Saldana’s decision to reclaim her real name is far from revolutionary; it’s just another way to bring more diverse perspectives into the industry and make them a part of the conversation. We all want to feel seen, and this is just one small step towards that end.

Netflix’s animated series Maya and the Three features the voice talents of Zoe Saldana, Yvette Nicole Brown, David Spade, Constance Marie, and Sofia Vergara. The series will be available to stream on Netflix.

If Zoe Saldana was ever going to reclaim her name, it makes sense that it would come in a project like Maya and the Three.

As of this writing, there’s a long list of Latina actresses who use their real names. Many of them are seasoned actors whose names have been common knowledge for a long time in the industry.

Many of these names have been reclaimed as part of a broader movement towards sexual and racial justice and an understanding of the ways our personal histories inform the work we do in the world.

All Details We Know So Far About ‘Maya and the Three’

The trailer of Maya and the three have been viewed over 1,2 million times on youtube and counting. The name Zoe Saldana has been seen by many people who have never heard of it before. Will this lead to more diverse hiring within Hollywood?


Zoe Saldana As Maya A new generation of young Latina actresses will be standing on the shoulders of Zoe Saldana at their coming out. They will be able to take a page from her book in many ways, some small and some big.

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Her decision to use her real name is the small stuff, which we can also call cultural flexibility, an understanding that individual identity is fluid and plastic. It’s the stuff that keeps us from becoming insular in our work. It’s also the stuff that does projects like Maya and The Three possible, which should be a part of all our stories.


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