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No Straight Roads Anniversary Stream Announces New Encore Edition And Metronomik’s Upcoming Game

No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads has become one of Malaysia’s best-known video games, with a passionate worldwide following that celebrates the music and characters of the games. 

Metronomic is the next big title that will not be a sequel to No Straight Roads but is a Southeast Asian-influenced fantasy game.    

No Straight Roads is an action video game produced by independent Malaysian studio Metronomik and released by Sell Ltd., which centers on an indie rock duo who fight an EDM empire for the free vinyl of a city under their control by the power of rock. 

The studio announced No Straight Road’s first downloadable content, the Christmas version, and the entire game on December 3, 2020.  

Metronomik New Encore Addition

One of the essential additions Metronomik brings to the Encore Edition is fan content in posters, guitar cases, and new user interface additions.   

Straight Roads debut game by Metronomik was a bold statement of creativity in the Malaysian game development scene. After a sock-heavy demo and a cheer for the encore, the studio follows up with a music-action game that focuses on bombastic boss fights that suffer from significant distortions. 

Straight Road was released exclusively for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Epic Games Store. 

No Straight Roads Developing

Wan-Hazmer was inspired by other rhythm games and developed No Straight Roads as his debut title, citing games such as Gitaroo Man, Space Channel 5, and Jet Set Radio. 

The game has been postponed from release to PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2020, as the studio Metronomik and a new partnership to sell its digital release will be managed.    

Metronomic CEO Wan Hazmer did not reveal further details about the new game, but the studio unveiled two new artworks. 

As for Metronomik “first video game, its release date has been pushed back to early 2020, not because the staff polished the game until it was finally played, but because the studio had to do so because of concerns about the spread the COVID-19 virus around the world. 

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The Rookie Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

After a city-wide power outage without backup power, the elite music organization Straight Roads (NSR for short) controls the music district. Mayday and Zuke, a music duo who reformed the underground Indie Rock group Bunkbe Junction, decide to take on the EDM empire by defeating the NSR artists one after one, hoping to power the whole city with the power of electronic dance music. 

Other dubbing speakers include Mayday Zuke (8), Yinu Yinus (DJ Subatomic) and Supernova (10), an NPC called Music Elitist, as well as associate producer Idir Alexander, who gave more dubbing names on October 8, 2019, two days before the level-up on Straight Roads 2019.    

It was released at Epic Games Store on August 25, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC after three years of development and several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

No Straight Roads Guest Artists

The game features guest artists such as the Japanese Rock Band One Eye Closes, American singer Nikki Simmons from Manchester, Malaysian guitarist Az Samad and the American producer Roborob. 

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Hayden Christensen Will Appear At New York Comic Con 2021

Her Rock Rebellion trailer added European Spanish dubbing for Spanish speakers in Spain and Latin, and a new guest was unveiled as One Eye Closer. 

The game ends with Mayday stepping forward to perform in front of a group of adoring fans. Brutal Legend (2009) is an action-adventure based on the theme of music.    

The humor and art are reminiscent of Tim Schäfer’s quirky comedy games. Unlike other rhythm games, you are not punished if you lose your timing, and the music serves as a timeline for your actions more. 

It is an action game that focuses on bombastic boss fights, outrageous character design, grand boss fights with crazy humor, animated cutscenes, and dynamic music crackling with eccentric energy.    


One significant addition Metronomik is taking to the Encore Edition is attached fan content, largely in in-game banners, guitar cases, and a brand-new extension to the user interface. I hope you like this post. Please stay connected with us, such latest and trendy stuff!

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