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Battle For Neighborville: The Best Zombies, Listed By Strength

The old plant figures (Peashooter, Sunflower, Chomper, and Cactus) and the old zombie soldiers (Engineer, Scientist, and Star) are back. The plants and zombies each have their headquarters, an amusement park, and social areas in between, and with them, you can access PvP, PvE, gateway cosmetics, and unlock some crazy minigames. 

Most garden warfare modes return for Garden Warfare 2, and the only way that does not return is Taco Bandit. Still, it has been modified to be game mode Capture the Taco. 

Battle For Neighborville New Modes

Several new modes were added, including a zombie version of Garden Ops, Graveyard Ops (an alternative to Garden Graveyard), Herbal Assault, Plant Attack, and Zombie Defend.    

Plants and zombies are variants earned by the players in the original game and can be transferred into the game. Plants can be potted and placed, and players can build plants, towers, and zombie bots.  

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There are 20 different playable characters in Battle for Neighborville, with Plants vs. Zombies having 10. You can play as both sides, and the game offers 12 other classes to play as well. This blog is my ranking of Plant and Plant zombie games.    

Plant VS Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies has its level on this list, considering the perks, but in that sense, their meta is different. I count the plants in the Plants vs. Zombies game and its imitators, but I do not have them all on a scale of 1-10, 10 means that there is one plant that I like and one that I do not like.    

It is an obvious choice for the best plant in the game, and with good reason. If the herbivore remains calm, the zombies that come within reach will eat him with a single bite. When a more powerful zombie comes, and you screw up, it gets eaten, and it takes a plant to get one.    

Defense against catapults and zombies, as they have no high horsepower and no chance to do much damage to your back row of plants. Plant Yard Plants are creatures that spew out waves of fire that move across multiple lanes and strike various targets to cause massive damage. 

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When shot down in an alley, defeated balloon zombies are valuable as helpers for the survival of the plants.  

Use Farms

If you plan to use farms as your primary offense, they are powerful because they damage the surrounding zombies and splash them. It makes you an accessible target for plants such as the 75% damaged cactus. 

Removing damage to farms turns them into turrets with high shooting and precision speeds.   

They can stay above the fray, making them invulnerable and increasing each other’s planting speed. You can also fire cores in an arc that do slight damage, and the occasional stick of butter does moderate damage and stuns zombies. 

Kill Zombies

During the day, shutting off the nuts is the cheapest way to kill zombies in the game, especially if you plant sunflowers.  

With his varied and amusing cast of playable plants and zombies and his unique abilities that filled the full gameplay range from sniper to healer, making me smile in every mode, he never quite hit the same bar.    

Details of the Ops mode are scarce at the moment, but it was primarily about defending a point with potted plants and computer-controlled zombies to protect your position in the past. 

Now, in the middle of nowhere, plants and zombies are forced to fight for the flag that holds the power of the game mode.  

In this freely accessible area, you must achieve goals such as defeating powerful zombie enemies and rescuing hijacked plants. Solo methods benefit both zombies and plants, which will help your progress with the plants more if you use the zombie bounty tiger, Klaus.    


Chomper moves like a plant, digs, and attacks like a zombie shark. Cold War zombies have perks that can be improved on three levels. As a zombie, you get 1,000 tacos for an Elite Super.

This plant wants to protect humans from zombies who want to eat us for our brains. I appreciate what Chomper does for us humans by protecting us from deadly zombies and the various zombie construction machines.    

So I decided to rank the plants featured in Battle for Neighborville according to how delicious they are and how well edible. Cactus is an excellent choice because it is the best plant in the game at long distances. One of the super sap traps is undoubtedly the best ability to damage plants throughout the game.    

Spawning New Zombie Swarm

Put, spawning and watching the newly discovered zombie swarm overwhelm the plant team. Missile Madness does a lot of damage and can slow down or defeat any plant in the game. 

From the turntable, the dance competition, and the shooting gallery to the sandbox-style central battlefield between the complex and the zombie bases, you can take a look at the personality of Battle for Neighborvilles.    

The new video game Plants vs. Zombies was unveiled during Electronic Arts’ annual report. EA bought the game and decided it would be a class-based shooter. It was an unexpected combination of two very different worlds that led to a fantastic experience.   

Final Words

I hope you find this post helpful. Stay tuned with us for more news and info!


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