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Karl Urban Deserves A Second Opportunity In Dreed 2 Latest News

While Dredd fans are clamoring for a sequel right now, it seems the best hope for more of the character is the recently announced TV project with Karl Urban. 

Dredd is an excellent film, and I hope that Urban will have the opportunity to bring the tough lawmaker back to life one day. I hope people think of Garland’s filmography and Dredd as the first film he made after Ex Machina.   

It’s been a while since we’ve thought about the possibility of a sequel to Dredd, the Judge Dredd film of 2012 starring Karl Urban, the dystopian lawman of 2000 AD comics. 

There was a lot of excitement when the announcement was made, but many wondered if the film would ever return to the Judge Dredd series. Here’s why the 2012 sequel to Dredd would never come and why a Dredd TV series could revive the franchise. 

Let us not confuse the film we are discussing today with the much-maligned Sylvester Stallone debacle of 1995, which was Judge Dredd. A sequel to 2012 Dredd starring Karl Urban may not have happened in the film, but it doesn’t mean fans won’t have the opportunity to continue the Dredd story. 

Dreed Movie

Dredd is based on a comic book (the character first appeared in a British long-form comic book called 2000 AD in 1977) but is not the typical funny book film. 

On the DVD and Blu-ray, they show one of the earliest designs for a Robocop, and it spits out a picture of Judge Dredd as if it were a RoboCop, with dialogues lifted straight out of Dredd’s mouth.

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Dredd, written by Alex Garland and starring Karl Urban, did poorly in North America, which Bishop blames poor marketing and the unfortunate legacy of previous films. Garland and Urban are longtime Dredd fans and produced the film. 

Garland said at London Film Comic-Con in July 2012 that the $50 million North American gross made it possible for Dredd to pursue a sequel and that he was planning a film trilogy. 

Speaking to Screen Geek at New York Comic Con, Bishop rejected the idea of making a second Dredd film. The second film would focus on the origins of Dredd and Mega-City One, while the third would introduce Dredd’s nemesis, the unmarked Judge Death, and his dark Judge.    

Garland described the story as a riff on the entire judicial system, but it wouldn’t have worked because it wasn’t established and needed too much knowledge about judging Dredd for the comic audience. 

Karl Urban In Dreed

When a fan asked why Karl Urban was so desperate to make Dredd 2 when he had such a good script, he laughed and dropped the joke.    

Karl Urban has commented if he will return in a sequel to his 2012 comic book film Dredd as a Judge Dredd. 

Since his debut in Dredd earlier this year, fans have been clamoring for Karl Urban to return to the helm. Despite the permanent grotesque on his face, Urban has reiterated his desire to reprise the role should an opportunity arise for a sequel.   

Over the years, fans have demanded a film that looks and feels exactly like the source material for fear that comic books will be diluted for the general public. 

The annual fan day for Dredd 2 a few years ago prompted Hollywood to make more Dredd movies. Admittedly, I have no financial skin in the game, but I would be chuffed to see them.   

Urban criticized Dredd’s marketing campaign, saying the film had zero audience awareness. Theoretically, the film was marketed as a superhero movie and was a victim of superhero fatigue. Add to that the short R for violence, blood, and the fact that Judge Dredd was not family-friendly, and it would have been all there. 

Dredd is a science-fiction action film by Pete Travis from 2012, directed by Alex Garland and written and produced. 

Casts Included In Dreed Movie

The film follows Judge Dredd (Urban) and his new partner Cassandra Anderson (Thirlby) as they take on the drug cartel boss Ma-Ma (Headey) while they are locked up in a high-rise building to prevent them from selling a new addictive drug called slo-mo. 

Dredd was the first film to portray the character honestly, and while Urban is fine as Dredd, its creator John Wagner, who was critical of the 1995 adaptation, would be more than happy to see him follow up with a sequel.   

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 When the film was first announced, Karl Urban fans were delighted by saying that one of his conditions for accepting the role in the comics was that the character would never wear her trademark helmet.    

In a way, Urban at least sounds like he cares about the character and wants to see Dredd back in the form he’s come in. My editor-in-chief Frank Palmer launched the Dredd sequel: “We’re big fans of your work on Dredd. 

While discussing season 2 of The Boys Show with movie star Karl Urban, star Billy Butcher, and our own Mark Salcido, I was able to ask Urban if he plans to return as the series judge Dredd. 


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