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For Honor: How To Play And Parry Like A Pro

For Honor aims to replicate melee feeling, so parrying is as essential as dodging attacks in general. Learning how to parry in For Honor is necessary because it gives you a defensive option for the future and takes opponents by surprise when they use their attacks to block. 

Parry is important in For honor because it not only mitigates incoming damage but also attacks the enemy.   

To parry an enemy attack, you have to wait a millisecond until the enemy’s weapon connects to his character (a dark red dial flashes on the screen) and then throw a heavy attack in the direction from which the enemy attacks. 

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To parry the attack, you only have to attack from the same direction the enemy attacks you at just the right moment. It requires some practice, but parrying an attack will unbalance the enemy and allow you to inflict damage on them.  

If an enemy drops his guard, you can attack him a second time with the watch break. A guard break occurs when you attack the enemies so that they swerve to make a counter guard break.    

One of the reasons you want to take a break in parrying is that it does not interrupt the ongoing attack. A guard pause is made when the character is near the enemy, allowing you to break through the enemy guard and attack freely. 

In For Honor, an excellent offensive line is a good defense, and if you can block your opponent’s attack, you can beat Guard Break.  

An essential thing about parrying attacks is that each character class you face in For Honor has different attack patterns and visual delays in their offensive traits. 

Revenge Mode

You cannot parry an attack by an enemy in Revenge mode. To parry, you have to block in a specific direction by pressing the enemy attack’s heavy attack button, which causes you to parry.  

A Parry is more than just an offensive block, where your character moves away from an enemy attack. Successful parrying allows you to follow an attack with a combination or chain of special moves that can do hefty damage to your opponent, and best of all, your opponent will be able to block or counter the paring with his own. 

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To parry, add a heavy attack by pressing RT or R2 in the same direction as the enemy attack.  

Default attacks are unblockable if they come from the parry direction. When you parry an incoming attack, you get a unique block that places you and your opponent in an 800 ms animation and leaves them for 900 ms blocked. 

If the incoming attack is light, you can parry for 600 ms, and if it is a heavy attack, parry again.    

Direct Attack

A direct attack is brutal to hold and leaves no gap to attack the opponent. Attacks from different directions and at different frequencies are difficult to parry with a series of robust and slow overhead cuts.    

For example, Lawbringer is hard to find because he is a side-heavy finisher who breaks guards and catches opponents trying to parry or evade his resourceful attacks. 

Players can parry a counterattack by simultaneously pressing the usual attack buttons. They aim with the right stick in a specific direction and leave the opponent’s target area to block the incoming attack.    

How To Parry In For Honor

Parrying is now an essential part of one of the unique combat systems in games, as parrying opens the enemy at the moment of attack. To parry is to block the direction in which the opponent attacks and launch a heavy attack when he connects.    

If you block this way, you can wait for your opponent to come in and try to attack. This exercise provides perfect timing, but you should also keep an eye on the icon that shows you the direction of the enemy attack, as it appears red or green when the attack is about to join.    

If you want to parry, you can point your weapon in the same direction as the enemy, launch their heavy attack and then carry it out yourself because it is the most severe attack of their cut that will reach you. 

For example, if you enter a heavy attack to the left at the point where your opponent is chained and throw 400 ms of light in that direction, then try to evade it, you will see an indicator that you have predicted whether you were right or not. 

Players who see their opponents attack and glow blue auras will take their parrying stance.   

Your zone attack is 500 m long and has a helpful parry option (if you do not know what this option is, select “No” by declaring that it is unsafe to block because the opponent must be sensitive to block and not commit to a parry attempt to punish you).   

Final Words

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