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Afghanistan:Taliban send hundreds of fighters to capture Panjshir Valley

The Taliban have dispatched hundreds of their fighters to capture the Panjshir Valley, a stronghold of opposing forces. Panjshir is the only province that the Taliban are yet to capture and its opponents are gathering here to prepare for the war.

Acting President and Mujahideen Commander are leading the protest from Panjshir

Panjshir has been kept as his base by Acting Afghan President Amrullah Saleh and Ahmed Masood, son of former Mujahideen commander Ahmed Shah Masood, and is gathering anti-Taliban fighters here. These fighters are led by Masood.

Masood told a channel that government security forces are coming to Panjshir from other provinces and the Taliban will not last long if they move on the same path. He has warned the Taliban of bloodshed.

Geographical location makes Panjshir special

The Panjsheer Valley, about 150 km northeast of Kabul, has an important place in Afghanistan’s military history.

Its geographical location separates it from the rest of the country. The path to this valley surrounded by mountains passes through a narrow pass that can be easily secured with the help of the army.

The Taliban and Russia have not been able to capture the Panjsheer Valley surrounded by the Hindukush mountains to date.

Long history of resistance of Panjshir Valley

The Panjsheer Valley has a long history of resistance and is known as the great Mujahideen Ahmad Shah Masood.

Masood did not first allow Russia’s army to capture the Panjsheer Valley in the 1980s and foiled his attack nine times. Subsequently, under its rule of 1996-2001, even the Taliban could not capture the valley.

Saleh is Masood’s companion and now stands shoulder to shoulder with his son.