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According to a study If India does not vaccinate more, there will be 600,000 daily cases

According to a recent study, India might see an astounding 600,000 new illnesses per day if the country fails to increase vaccination rates and avert a third coronavirus pandemic.

The National Institute of Disaster Management, which is part of the Ministry of Home Affairs, anticipates an increase in cases as early as October. Daily infections might be reduced to 200,000 if the government follows through on its 10-million-per-day vaccine strategy, according to the report, which cited research by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Energy University and Nirma University.

The NIDM recommends organising hospital beds and vaccination the vulnerable in order to avoid the destruction caused by the second wave, which peaked in May and killed almost 250,000 inhabitants. Other experts foresee a new wave in the coming weeks, though most believe it will be less than the previous surge.

The government’s handling of the second wave drew considerable criticism, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity plunged to 24% in August from 66% a year ago, according to an India Today poll. Only 9% of the country’s population has been properly immunised.

While noting a lack of scientific proof that a probable third wave could damage children, the study recommended vaccinating children with serious underlying health issues.

(With inputs from agencies)

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