Elon Musk’s company Tesla to build ‘human-like robots’, will do everything you do


Elon Musk, who has done a lot of innovations in the automobile and space industry, is now going to do wonders in robotics.

US billionaire and Tesla CEO Musk said that his company is now working on robots like humans.

The prototype of this robot will be ready next year.

Musk said the robot will be called a ‘Tesla bot’ and will use tools used in Tesla electric car models in its system.

Tesla bots to look like humans

Tesla’s new robot will look largely like humans and will be as high as an average human (5 feet 8 inches).

However, the robot will have a screen instead of a human face.

The Tesla robot, weighing about 57 kg, will be able to run at a speed of 5 m per hour.

The robot has already been listed on Tesla’s website and has been briefed on it.

Tesla bot to help in all kinds of tasks

The listing on the Tesla website says that a human-looking robot will help do things that are “unsafe, recurring and boring”.

Tesla is taking the help of mechanical, electrical, controls and software engineers to produce this robot.

In addition, advanced AI found in the company’s cars can also be made a part of it. That is, these robots will be able to learn and make decisions themselves.

Musk briefs on Tesla AI Day

Musk said on tesla’s first AI Day that making robots could be the next right step for Tesla as it is already the world’s largest robotics company.

Robots will reduce work

The robots Tesla is building will help in everyday life and home-made tasks.

The company says robots will do things that people don’t usually want to do and feel lazy to do.

Musk says these robots could change the way they work in the future.

When will Tesla Bot launch?

Tesla Bot is just beginning in the development stage, so it is too early to say anything about its market launch.

In addition, some products have also been showcased by Tesla which has not been launched in the market.

The company never brought robotic sneck-style chargers, solar password networks, and battery swapping to the market.

The situation may become clear after the robot’s first prototype arrives next year.


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