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Twitter Direct Message section will also have new features, makes group messaging easier

Microblogging platform Twitter will make several changes to its Direct Messages (DMs) section, which will be visible to users in the next few weeks.

The company has reported new changes from the official account and said that a message can now be shared in 20 different conversions.

Other changes include the Quick-Scroll button, the Add Reaction menu, and message grouping.

The company has recently improved its interface and brought in new fonts.

Option to send messages to many users simultaneously

The only way to group and send messages is to share a direct message with many users on social media platforms so far.

In this way, the rest of the group members also could see what others were replying to on the message sent by you.

Twitter users can now choose up to 20 contacts and send messages to everyone together.

All contacts receive messages in a separate conversation in their inbox.

Information about changes in Tweets


Information given in several Tweets

Twitter has tweeted a series of tweets from the official account explaining the new changes.

The Direct Messages section will now also feature a quick scroll button that users will see the latest messages directly as soon as they tap it.

Scrolling messages in this way is going to be easier than before.

This feature will be useful when users are scrolling old messages and want to return to the latest messages.

‘Add Reaction’ option on long-press

Users can not only double-tap to react to messages but also include a new long-press action.

After long-pressing on a message, the menu will open, with ‘Add Reaction’ also an option.

After tapping it, the reaction picker will open, and users will choose the correct response to the message.

Users on the platform are already getting the option to choose reactions for messages.

The timestamp will not appear with all messages

The platform has said that the timestamp clutter will be removed by grouping messages according to the date.

In this way, messaging users will get a clean experience, and navigating between conversions will be easier than the existing interface.

New features have started rolling out, and apart from the Twitter app, all users can see changes on the website in the next few weeks.

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