Taliban breaks in and searches Indian consulates, steals cars

The difference between what the Taliban says and does, trying to make themselves more liberal than ever before, is becoming clearer every day, and its fighters on Wednesday broke the locks of Indian consulates in Kandahar and Herat and searched them.

India has already closed these embassies, and important documents have been removed from here. What is happening in the Embassy of Kabul is not yet known.

Terrorists pick up trains from embassies.

According to news sources, Taliban militants on Wednesday reached the locked Indian consulates in Kandahar and Herat and broke the lock and entered.

The militants searched the shelves of these embassies in search of important documents. Not only that, but they also took the trains parked in both the embassies with them.

According to the newspaper, Taliban militants are also searching for people working with the Afghan army and NATO forces from house to house.

Taliban asks India not to close the embassy.

Meanwhile, in another report, sources say that after capturing Kabul, the Taliban had asked India to maintain its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. 

Taliban leader Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanqzai, who was involved in the Doha peace talks, had sent this unofficial message to the Government of India.

He had said that the Taliban is aware of India’s security concerns but should not worry about the security of its embassy.

Indian officials were shocked by the Taliban’s request

Indian officials in Delhi and Kabul were surprised by India’s offer, though the Taliban’s request was not considered trustworthy in a quick assessment by India and Afghanistan, and Indian diplomats were recalled.

India’s biggest concern was that members of terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Haqqani Network had entered Kabul and could attack Indians.

What is the situation in Afghanistan?

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban is now in the process of forming its own government here. It is his endeavour to form a government that is acceptable to most of the people of Afghanistan, and in this regard, his appointments today met former President Hamid Karzai and senior leader Abdullah Abdullah.

The Taliban says it has forgiven everyone and will no longer take revenge on anyone.


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