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Taliban appeals to government employees to return to work, women to join government

After capturing Afghanistan, the Taliban has issued a “general amnesty” for all government officials and urged them to return to work. In its statement, the Taliban said, “People working in any part or department of the government should start their duty with full confidence and continue to do their work without fear”. The Taliban has also asked women to join the government.

Taliban trying to derail common life

The Taliban, which captured Afghanistan’s capital two days ago, is trying to reassure local residents and the amnesty issued today is the first major step in this direction.

Memories of the barbaric Taliban rule of 1996-2001 have re-refreshed people’s minds and are therefore afraid to return out of their homes.

Some people even opened shops etc., but there is still an atmosphere of fear.

Taliban withdrawal terrorizes women the most

In the first Taliban rule, women were the most oppressed and had all kinds of restrictions from clothes to exits.

That is why women are the most scared. The United Nations (UN) has also expressed concern over the status of women under Taliban rule.

The Taliban is also trying to allay these fears and has announced to allow women to go to school and college and take up jobs.

Taliban also appealed to women to join the government

In another step towards assuring women today, the Taliban appealed to them to join the government. “The Islamic Emirates does not want women to suffer,” said Inamullah Samangani, the Taliban’s cultural commission. She will join the Government as per sharia law”.

He said the structure of the government is not yet completely clear, but a fully Islamic leadership will be formed and all parties should join it.

Taliban has no problem with female news anchors

The Taliban has also said that there is no problem with women anchors on TV news channels. That is why a woman was seen reading the news on local Tolo News. A Taliban official also interviewed a female journalist.

Taliban capture Afghanistan in just 10 days