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New Zealand government announces lockdown across the country after a case of corona infection comes up

The world is reeling under the threat of a third wave of coronavirus epidemic. Thousands of new cases are coming up every day in most countries.

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, also reported a case of infection on Tuesday after six months.

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has strongly declared a lockdown across the country. His decision is now being discussed all over the world.

Tuesday’s infection confirmed

According to New Zealand’s Health Ministry, the Auckland-based man had been complaining of fever and cough for the past several days.

The corona infection was confirmed when it was examined on Tuesday. Officials said the cause of the infection is being ascertained. The symptoms are similar to the Delta Plus variant of the corona, but it is yet to be confirmed.

Tell us that the last case of infection in New Zealand came in February.

PM Arden announces lockdown

Prime Minister Arden announced a lockdown across the country after the first case of corona infection in the country was confirmed. It will have a full seven-day lockdown in Auckland. However, the lockdown in the rest of the cities will be for three days. The lockdown will begin on Tuesday night.

All schools, colleges, shops, and offices will remain closed except for essential services during the lockdown.

Prime Minister Arden has advised people to work from home.

New Zealand model praised all over the world

New Zealand sealed all borders of the country early in corona. On the other hand, the infection was better controlled with the help of genome sequence.

That is why the lockdown was first announced in New Zealand. The situation was normal here for the last six months. The number of infected and dead is much lower than in other countries.

Slow pace of vaccination may lead to trouble

Even though the New Zealand government has imposed a lockdown on only one case of infection, there is a very slow pace of vaccination. There is still a risk of a respread of corona infection.