Apple gives Windows users iCloud update, gets password manager feature

California tech giant Apple also offers a number of software solutions in addition to the premium hardware.

Apple has now rolled out the iCloud for Windows version 12.5, giving users a dedicated password manager.

With the new update, Windows users will be able to manage store passwords on Apple Cloud along with the i-cloud password app on their computers.

iCloud update has given Windows users the option to autofill store passwords in apple accounts.

Apple account will show saved passwords

n order to install the new iCloud for Windows version 12.5 on their Windows computer, users will also get access to the i-cloud passwords app.

Users will now have the option to copy, edit or manage any passwords they have saved on their Apple devices in Windows PC as well.

Users will not only be able to add new passwords as per their requirement but will also be able to delete save login information in advance.

Password extensions to be added to browser

In addition to the dedicated Password Manager app, users have also got the support of browser extensions with the latest iCloud for Windows update.

This way users will be able to install extensions in browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

After installing these extensions, users will offer the option to auto-fill save passwords in an iCloud account.

With the help of these extensions, passwords and usernames can be saved in iCloud.

Passwords to sync across devices

Usernames and passwords saved with the help of Windows computers can be synced to different Apple devices.

That is, the passwords you saved to Windows computers can also be accessed on the iPhone or Mac.

Apple has explained how users can use the new iCloud passwords app on the windows system.

This will be extremely easy to do and users will just have to log in with Apple ID.

Login with the help of two-factor authentication

users will be able to use the i-cloud passwords app after logging in to their iCloud account.

To do this, they will have to undergo two-factor authentication and will be able to do so with the help of Apple devices.

Windows Computer should have a device with users iOS 14, iPadOS, and MacOS Big Sir for app authentication.

The PIN can be entered if the Apple device does not have the option of biometric authentication.

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