IPhone 13 to be launched next month, leaks reveal these big things so far


Every year Apple brings its new iPhone series in the third quarter and models of the iPhone 13 series may launch in September 2021.

Leaks revealed that the iPhone 13 series will include four models similar to the iPhone 12 series launched last year.

Many features and specifications of the new iPhone models have been leaked and the company is set to launch them with several upgrades.

Promotion display with 120Hz refresh rate

A high-refresh rate display is common for Android smartphones, while iPhones have a 60Hz refresh rate.

Apple is going to display LTPO iPhone 13 Pro models and can come with a refresh rate 120Hz display.

The company can also provide better protection in new models.

However, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini models will not be given a high refresh rate and will have a 60Hz display.

Video to get portrait mode

New reports have revealed that the iPhone 13 lineup will also provide video portrait mode features to users.

With this feature, users will be able to blur the background in video footage.

That is, the face in the video will be in focus and sharp, while the background blur will be visible. Users get this option on many Android phones.

In addition, Apple can give the option to record videos in better quality format ProRes.

Notch to be smaller than before

Android devices where punch-holes and pop-up cameras are offering full-screen displays with systems still have a big notch in iPhones.

Apple’s devices have a face ID authentication system, which requires notching.

However, the size of the notch in the iPhone 13 lineup may be smaller and the true path camera sensor will take less space than before.

The company can shift the receiver to the case itself, above the display.

Can get up to 25W charging speed

Leaks say the iPhone 13 can support charging speeds up to 25W with power adapters.

All models of the existing iPhone 12 series with Apple’s power adapter offer charging speeds of up to 20W.

Leaks are pointing out that the iPhone 13 may be the fastest charging iPhone.


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