How Taliban’s arrival in Afghanistan affect India?

The Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan has shaken the whole world and India is among the countries to be worst affected by the change.

India, which has been at the forefront of promoting democracy and development in Afghanistan, seems to be in jeopardy for the last 20 years after the arrival of the Taliban.

How have India-Taliban relations been in the past?

Afghanistan has been ruled by the Taliban from the 1990s to 2001, during which its relations with India have not been good. India did not recognize the Taliban government and has been blaming the Taliban for the attacks on Indian missions in Afghanistan.

Even when the IC-814 aircraft was hijacked in 1999, the Taliban had placed the aircraft in Kandahar.

Relations with Pakistan and terror outfits a major hurdle

Taliban relations with Pakistan and Pakistani terror outfits have been a major hurdle between India and its relations. He has been in touch with terror outfits like Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Haqqani Network which continue to plot to attack India.

Moreover, Pakistan has also been using Afghanistan’s land to help the Taliban for anti-India anti-terror activities and the same is expected to happen this time too.

What is the Taliban’s stand towards India?

The Taliban, which emerged from religious madrasas, propagate the staunch ideology of Sunni Islam and has been a supporter of implementing a radical version of Sharia law. Obviously, his attitude towards India is not friendly.

In addition, several attacks on Indians in Afghanistan have also revealed his involvement. Under his rule, Afghan land has been used for training terrorists to be sent to Kashmir

What has changed the Taliban’s stance in recent times?

The Taliban’s stance towards India has been slightly softer in recent times and it has not made any anti-India statement in the recent past.

Moreover, there is a faction in the Taliban that has a cooperative attitude towards India. When the issue of Article 370 came up, Pakistan linked it to Kashmir, but the Taliban said it did not care what India does in Kashmir.

What has been India’s contribution to Afghanistan’s development?

India has contributed significantly to Afghanistan’s development in the last few years and has invested nearly USD 3 billion in reconstruction plans.

India has created the new Parliament of Afghanistan. Apart from this, India has also constructed several dams and roads. A large number of Indian professionals also work in the country.

The Taliban also acknowledges India’s role in Afghanistan’s development.

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