India reported a 2% decline in new Corona cases last week, 35% Spike in the US: WHO

The delta variant of the coronavirus found in India first in the world is now wreaking havoc around the world. The US is currently witnessing the highest incidence. That is why there has been an alarming increase of 35 per cent in new cases of corona infection last week. However, new cases in India declined by two per cent last week. This was revealed in the World Health Organization (WHO) report.

US, India, Iran, Brazil, and Indonesia have the most cases of Corona reported.

“Last week, the highest number of new cases of corona infection have been reported in the US, India, Iran, Brazil, and Indonesia across the world,” WHO said in its weekly epidemiological update, according to Hindustan Times. The US has grown the most by 35 per cent during this period. According to the report, infection cases in India, Brazil, and Indonesia have declined last week. This is mainly due to a two per cent reduction in new cases in India.

The US was reported to have 7.34 million new cases

Us reported the highest number of new cases last week, or 734,354, up 35 per cent from the previous week, WHO reported. Similarly, 2,48,102 new cases have been reported in Iran, which is a matter of concern.

The highest number of deaths in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia

The WHO report said last week countries in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia recorded the highest number of deaths due to corona infection. However, the death toll in these countries has been around since last week. According to the report, the non-reduction of deaths in these countries is a matter of great concern despite all efforts. The governments of these countries will have to take concrete steps to prevent deaths.

Delta variant reaches 142 countries of the world- WHO

The report said the Delta variant has now reached 142 countries in the world. It has also become a prominently spreading variant. This has been confirmed in seven new countries last week. The report also said that the viral load in people infected with delta variants is 1,000 times higher than the original virus. In such a case, this variant cannot be taken lightly. It is a matter of great concern.

Delta variants led to increased infection and death cases in India

The delta (B.1.617.2) variant first found in India has been the reason for causing people to get into serious conditions with more infectious. Experts say it had taken India’s second wave of the epidemic to a devastating level. This infected lakhs of people every day and killed thousands. According to a new study, the vaccine currently in use is eight times less effective on delta than the early variant of the virus.

What is the state of infection worldwide?

According to Johns Hopkins University, about 20.47 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus so far, while 43.24 million have died. In the worst-hit US, 3.62 million people have been infected and 6.18 million have died. India is the second most affected country after the US. Brazil, the third most affected country, has reported 5.66 lakh deaths out of 2.02 crore infected patients.

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