Oppo Unveils its Next-Generation Under-Screen Camera (USC) Technology, Prototype Ready

Oppo has showcased new under-display camera technology.

Many camera innovations are happening in the technology related to smartphones, and soon the front camera may make a place inside the screen. Many smartphone companies are working on an under-screen camera to give a full-screen smartphone experience.

Chinese tech brand Oppo has introduced its next-generation Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology, which it says strikes a “perfect balance between good screen quality and camera image quality”.

Reduced the size of each pixel

Regarding the challenges faced while preparing the unique camera technology, Oppo said they had to make many innovations related to the display. These include innovations such as shrinking the size of each pixel, using transparent wiring materials instead of traditional screens and driving 1-to-1 pixel circuits. The company has also shared pictures of a prototype device with an under-screen camera, which will give users a true full-screen experience.

Companies have tried many ways to increase the screen size of smartphones and reduce the screen-to-body ratio. Many devices have a hole punch to remove the notch, while some have a pop-up camera mechanism. However, due to changes like the pop-up camera, moving parts are included in the phone, feared damage. Apart from this, the weight of the phones has also increased compared to before and are no longer water or dust-proof.
Chinese tech company Oppo also prepared a prototype in the year 2019. The selfie camera lens was made of very transparent material, and a special pixel arrangement was made on it. However, this smartphone was not launched in the market, and the company wanted to make many improvements in the technology. The prototype now surfaced is promising far better results and can be made a part of future devices.
Oppo has said that apart from innovations related to hardware, the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm has also been taken for better image processing and final output. The company says that with software related improvements, better screen quality will be available when the camera is not in use. Oppo has said that users will get better display quality in addition to a smoother visual experience. The company will also provide good video and image quality from the under-display front camera.

Images shared by Oppo show the prototype device without any punch-holes. Oppo has not said anything yet on the launch of such a device in the market. Enough light should also go to the under-display camera sensor, and it should not affect the display quality, which many companies are working on. Chinese company ZTE has brought phones with this tech, but the pictures clicked from them are not good.

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