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Amazing records set by Manchester United that are almost impossible to break

Unbreakable Records Held By Manchester United

After finishing the second last season, Manchester United will win the Premier League title in the 2021-22 season. Having lost the Europa League final, United is in dire need of a title under new deal signing manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer.

Manchester United is the most successful club in England’s top-flight football. Let’s take a look at the records set by Manchester United that are almost impossible to break.

A hat-trick to win the Premier League title

Manchester United are the only club in the competition’s history to win three consecutive Premier League titles on two occasions. They achieved this feat between 1998-99 to 2000-01 and 2006-07 to 2008-09.

At present, many top clubs are striving to win the league title, so it will not be easy for any team to win the title for three consecutive seasons. Maybe Manchester City can do that, but they will also have to push harder.

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has won a record 13 Premier League titles with the club. Manchester United won the Premier League title for the last time in 2012-13 under Ferguson.

If managers do not get much time to stay in the same club today, Ferguson’s record is expected to remain. He has won the Manager of the Season award 11 times and the Manager of the Month award 27 times.

Manchester United have the most wins and most goals

Manchester United have won 687 matches in the Premier League. No other team has won more than 600 matches. Manchester United, who have a 90 lead over Arsenal and Chelsea, could extend the lead further. 2,128 goals have been scored for the club in the Premier League. Arsenal (1,956 goals) are in second place. If Manchester United’s forward line is strong, the record is likely to be maintained.

Former Manchester United great player Cristiano Ronaldo has made a fantastic record. Before moving to Real Madrid, Ronaldo had won several individual awards with the club. He won the 2008 Ballon d’Or, European Golden Shoe, FIFA World Player of the Year, UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, Premier League Golden Boot and Premier League Player of the Season. In 2009, he also won the FIFA Puskas Award.

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