Madhya Pradesh: In a viral video, a group of people are seen thrashing two sadhus on suspicion of being child-lifters

Sadhus thrashed on suspicion of being child lifters

In Madhya Pradesh, a mob thrashed two sadhus on suspicion of being child-lifters. The sadhus had asked some children the way, after which this incident happened. The video of the case has also surfaced and is going viral on social media. The police have registered a case in the matter, and the accused are being identified.

The incident is from Dhannad village of Dhar district. According to the police, both the sadhus were going to Indore and lost their way in between. And asked for directions from some children of the village playing on the roadside, but the children got scared seeing them and ran away from the spot.

Some local people saw this happening and started thrashing the sadhus suspecting them as child thieves. During this, someone also made a video of the incident.

Dhar, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Devendra Patidar said that after the assault, the local people brought the sadhus to the local police station and accused them of being child-lifters.

The police have also got the incident videos and have registered a case against the local people in the matter under Section 341, Section 323, Section 294 and Section 34.

One sadhu is being told from Madhya Pradesh, while the other sadhu is from Rajasthan.

Watch video of the incident


In February 2020, a case of beating by a mob was reported in Dhar. The villagers thrashed seven labourers on suspicion of being child-lifters, and one labourer died in the incident.

After this, a similar case was reported in Maharashtra, and two sadhus and their driver were beaten to death on suspicion of theft in Palghar. Attempts were also made to communalise the matters, and questions were raised on the government. The Maharashtra CID had filed a charge sheet against 126 people in the case, though 89 of them got bail later.

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