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Covid Third Wave is ‘inevitable, imminent’ says IMA

The Indian Medical Association (IMA), the apex body of Indian doctors, has said that the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic is sure to come in the country, and it cannot be avoided.

The organisation has appealed to the central and state governments not to be lax. Expressing concern over the administration’s negligence and the people, he said that India has recently emerged from a disastrous second wave thanks to the doctor fraternity and political leadership.

Both the public and the government were careless – IMA

In its press release issued today, the IMA said, “Given the available global evidence and the history of epidemics, it can be said that the third wave is bound to come, and it cannot be avoided. However, it is sad to see that the country In many parts of the state, both the public and the government have become careless and are gathering in crowds without following the COVID rules.”

IMA said tourism, pilgrimage and religious festivals can become superspreaders

The IMA said in its statement, “Tourism, pilgrimage and religious festivals are all essential, but they can wait a few months. Opening these things and allowing people to go to these crowded places without vaccinated due to the third wave of Covid.” potential super spreaders.”He said that the treatment of a Covid patient and its impact on the economy is worse than the economic loss caused by staying away from these crowded places.

Vaccination and following the rules can reduce the effect of the third wave – IMA.

The IMA said that from the experience of the last one and a half years, it could be said that the impact of the third wave can be reduced by ensuring universal vaccination and adopting methods of prevention from Covid. In a separate video, IMA President Dr Johnrose Austin Jayalal appealed to all state governments to fulfil Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a joint fight against the pandemic and control all gatherings.

Third-wave expected by October

Let us tell you that the second wave of corona infection came in the country in April-May and after it stops, the third wave is expected to come. Experts have predicted a third wave of the epidemic by October, although due to the carelessness of the people, this wave can come sooner. This wave is feared to come due to new variants and it is feared that children will be infected more in this.