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Pfizer will conduct a large trial of the vaccine on children below 12 years of age

On Tuesday, US pharma company Pfizer said that it would try its coronavirus vaccine on a large group of children under 12.

During the trial, the vaccine will be tested on 4,500 children in 90 places, including the US, Finland, Poland and Spain.

The company hopes that by the end of September, it can get approval for using the Pfizer vaccine on children aged 5-11 years.

Results expected by September

Based on the results of a trial in 144 children in the first phase, Pfizer said it would test the vaccine by giving a dose of 10 micrograms to children aged 5-11 years and three micrograms to children between six months and five years.

A company spokesperson said the trial results involving children aged 5-11 are expected by September. After the results are out, an application will be made for its approval in the same month.

The spokesman said that after the age group of 5-11 years, the results of the trial of children of two to five years would come. The tests for children aged six months to two years will be out by October or November.
Pfizer has developed a coronavirus vaccine in collaboration with German company BioNTech, and many countries are using it for adolescents over the age of 12.
In countries like America, Europe, Canada etc., all people above 12 years of age are given a uniform dose of 30 micrograms. So far in the US alone, 7 million adolescents aged 12-15 years have been given at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
Children are selected for vaccine trials in the same way as adults but with slight differences in consent and processing. The approval of the trial is also required from the parents of the children.
After approval, some tests are done to identify healthy children, and in this, children who are found healthy are given the vaccine. According to experts, the trial of children cannot be rushed.

When will the vaccination of children start in India?

Talks are going on between Pfizer and the government to launch the vaccine in India. If Pfizer gets permission to launch here, then the company can launch the vaccine for teenagers. It is believed that from July, Pfizer can start supplying the vaccine in India. On the other hand, vaccine trials on children have begun in the country as well. The results of the test will start coming in between six to nine months.

Why is vaccination of children important?