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1.20 lakh Covid cases were reported in the country in the last day, more than 3,300 deaths

In the last 24 hours in India, 1,20,529 new cases of infection with coronavirus were reported, and 3,380 patients died. The situation is improving in the country for a few days, and there is a decline in corona cases.

With this, the total number of infected people in the country has gone up to 2,86,94,879. Out of these, 3,44,082 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus.

The number of active cases has come down to 15,55,248.

1.97 lakh patients recovered on the last day

In the last 24 hours, 1,97,894 patients recovered across the country.

With this, the total number of patients who have been cured after defeating the epidemic has increased to 2,67,95,549. The recovery rate of the country is 93.08 per cent.

Apart from this, 20,84,421 tests were conducted across the country in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 35.95 crore coronavirus tests have been done in the country.

These are the most affected states.

If we look at the most affected states, 58,05,565 people have been found infected in Maharashtra, and 98,771 people have died.

So far, 26,69,514 people have been found infected, and 30,895 have died in Karnataka, the second most affected state.

Similarly, Kerala with 26,01,082 cases and 9,510 deaths and Tamil Nadu with 21,95,402 cases and 26,128 deaths are the following two worst-affected states.

How is the situation in the most affected states?

Talking about new cases, 14,152 people were found infected in Maharashtra on the last day, while 289 patients died. The situation seems to be under control due to the decrease in the pace of infection in the state. Similarly, 16,068 people were found infected in Karnataka, and 364 patients died, while in Kerala, 16,229 cases were reported, and 135 deaths occurred. In Tamil Nadu, 22,651 new cases were reported, and 463 patients died.

Talking about the world’s most extensive vaccination campaign in the country, so far, 22,78,60,317 doses have been administered. On the previous day, 36,50,080 doses were administered. The slow pace of vaccination remains a matter of great concern.