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Madhya Pradesh HC declares strike illegal, 3000 junior doctors resign collectively

The strike of junior doctors of six medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh demanding an increase in honorarium and free treatment in the case of COVID-19 has taken a new turn on Friday. During the Jabalpur High Court hearing on Thursday, the court declared the strike completely illegal and directed the doctors to return to work within 24 hours. In protest, about 3,000 doctors submitted mass resignations.

Junior doctors started strike from Monday.

Given the increasing workload and fear of illness during the Corona epidemic, junior doctors started a strike from Monday, demanding an increase in the pay scale and free treatment for them and their family if infected. Due to this, medical services were affected, and patients were not getting proper treatment in hospitals. Public interest litigation was filed in this regard in the Jabalpur High Court.

According to TOI, in the hearing in the High Court, a division bench of Justices Mohammad Rafique and Sujoy Paul, while criticizing the doctors for going on strike during the pandemic, said that it is completely illegal and cannot be justified under any circumstances. Not only this, the court had ordered all the doctors to return to work in 24 hours, and for not doing so, the government had ordered action against them.

Madhya Pradesh Medical University cancelled the registration of 450 doctors.

Madhya Pradesh Medical University cancelled the registration of 450 junior doctors after the High Court ordered action. This angered the doctors, and they decided to resign collectively. On Friday morning, about 3,000 doctors submitted their collective resignation to the dean of the college in such a situation. Regarding this, the representatives of the Junior Doctors Association said that they would now approach the Supreme Court regarding the matter.

President of Madhya Pradesh Junior Doctors Association (MPJDA), Dr Arvind Meena, said, “It is the responsibility of the government to fulfil the demands of junior doctors. We have been on strike peacefully for four days, but the government did not take any steps for talks.” “He further said, “The government has cheated the doctors by filing a petition in the High Court instead of negotiating. The government can stop us from the strike, but not by resignation.”

“Will continue our fight even after resigning”

“More than 3,000 of our junior doctors have resigned, and we will continue to fight for the rights till our demands are met,” Meena said. He further said that the state government has already cancelled his enrollment for the third year post-graduation. In such a situation, now junior doctors will not be able to sit in the examinations. The government has made a responsibility towards the doctors engaged in the pandemic, and it should be fulfilled.

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