Juhi Chawla’s Hearing Interrupted By Fanboy Singing Songs, Court Orders Contempt


Delhi High Court’s virtual hearing on Juhi Chawla’s plea against 5G networks was interrupted today by various unknown singers.

According to ANI, this all happened immediately after Juhi shares a hearing link on her Twitter and Instagram, inviting the public to join the hearing.

Juhi Chawla Tweet

Hum…tum aur 5G! ????????

If you do think this concerns you in anyway, feel free to join our first virtual hearing conducted at Delhi High Court, to be held on 2nd June, 10.45 AM onwards ???? Link in my bio. https://t.co/dciUrpvrq8

— Juhi Chawla (@iam_juhi) June 1, 2021

The disturbance first happened at the starting of the hearing. After that, in the middle of the hearing, an unidentified boy started singing Juhi’s Hit Film Songs, and Justice JR Midha even muted him and said “Please Mute” to him and others.

This interruption happened again, and the person was removed. But when it happened the third time, Justice J.R. Midha issued a Contempt notice to the identified singer.

Actor Juhi Chawla approached Delhi High Court against 5G Network radiations impacting citizens, plants, and animals.

High Court suggested Juhi to first Telecomm Companies, and if the problem is still yet not solved, then Court.

Also, the case was initially allotted to Justice C Hari Shankar and was further transferred to Justice J.R. Midha for further hearing.

Juhi Chawala stated that if Telecommunication companies bring 5G to India, it will kill people, insects, plants, and birds and suffer diseases due to RF radiation, which could be ten times to 100 times stronger than today.

She also added that 5G would have adverse effects on humans, damage the ecosystem, and endanger Mankind.


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