45 lakh Covid tests per day by the end of June, 3 more self test home kits on pipeline: ICMR


Amid the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the government has decided to increase the number of corona tests done daily at a more rapid pace.

For this, the government has also approved a rapid antigen test kit for testing at home.

The government has also set a target to conduct 45 lakh corona tests by the end of June. Preparations are being done at war level for this.

Rapid antigen test needed to detect corona infection – Bhargava

Director-General of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Dr Balaram Bhargava said on Thursday that it is necessary to isolate quickly when someone shows symptoms of coronavirus. For this, a rapid antigen test needs to be done.

He said that 10-12 lakh RT-PCR and 17 lakh antigen tests are being done every day. Lab workers are also under the grip of infection, but full capacity work is being done even after this.

Three more companies in the pipeline to facilitate home test- Bhargava

Dr Bhargava said that the company had been approved to facilitate the Covid-19 test at home. The name of this test kit is the COVISELF (Pethocache) COVID-19 OTC antigen LF device. Mylab, Pune, has developed it. He said three more companies producing such kits were in the pipeline. Applications will also be received by next week. This will increase the number of Tests in the coming times.

How will the test be done at home?

Dr Bhargava said that the house investigation of Corona would be completed in four phases. After purchasing the kit from the market, people will have to download the Mylab CoveSelf app from the Google Play Store or App Store before the test. Through this app, you will get the test report. After the test, users will have to take a picture of the test strip and download it in the app. Its data will run on ICMR’s testing portal. During this time, the full privacy of the user will be taken care of.

By the end of June, 45 lakh tests will reach daily – Bhargava

Dr Bhargava said that the entire focus of the government is on increasing the number of corona tests at this time. The government has set a target of taking 25 lakh corona tests daily by the end of this month and 45 lakh tests by the end of June.



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