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Digital news portal ‘Web News Observer’ has become the best news source online

As the world continues to evolve, digital journalism has become one of the rising industries in today’s times. With the inflow of different information from every single channel, the media industry has been covering all sorts of new reports over time. As a result, the online news portals have been thriving to their fullest.

Addressing this worrying need in modern times, (WNO) has been working hard and fast towards providing authentic and accurate news to its audience. The online news portal has been a blessing in disguise in such times, providing the Kannada community with the information they require without having them cross-check the information to confirm its authenticity.

Web News Observer was founded in 2019. The platform is targeted towards the Kannada community who hardly has any online news portals to stay updated about the happenings in the circle and outside of their circle. With its tagline, “as fast as the light, and as genuine as you,” the news portal has come a long way within its existence of eight successful years in the industry.

With the increased distance between individuals in the modern world, technology plays a significant role in keeping people connected. Whether the individuals are thousands of miles apart, they can keep themselves up-to-date regarding the Kannada happenings worldwide.

Screenshot of News Portal: Web News Observer, Dated May 17, 2021

With their aim to provide a “one-stop news source,” Web News Observer covers numerous news topics such as a current affair, politics, crime, Kannada NRI News, national, international, business  Daily Inspirational Quotes, Memes, events, and entertainment, making sure not to leave any topic behind.

Living in the prime era of technology, having a huge fan following on social media says a lot about the authenticity of the company. Due to its loyal fan base and genuine news pieces, the official Facebook page of has been able to acquire over 12.8k followers. As a result of their huge network of audiences in different parts of the world, is available in the United States, Canada, India, Australia, and other parts worldwide.

Accessibility is one of the prime factors that immensely affect the usage of every brand. Keeping in mind the needs of modern consumers, has developed a user-friendly news portal that is easy to use and access. With the increase in mobile users these days, the news portal has made its platform mobile-friendly and made it available as a mobile app on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

The team of a brand is what decides the fate of the company. Whether it be a small project or a huge business, teamwork is the determining factor of how far the success will be. Showcasing the real meaning of ‘teamwork,’ consists of a team of talented and dedicated individuals from reporters to content writers, editors, and sub-editors. With the help of such committed individuals, has made a prominent standing in the news industry today.

Even though the company has developed a huge network within a couple of years, it is still operated from a small town in India. Proving that the true definition of journalism doesn’t need a big space and high walls, has news reporters working remotely all over the world.

Following their huge success in such a short period, Alexa Rankings has rated as one of the top Indian News websites. Compared to the other major Tv Channels and newspapers in Kannada states established for over 20 years with a huge staff, Web News Observer has been doing phenomenally well for itself.

Aiming to widen their horizons, the platform is aiming to launch its location-based website very soon. With the help of such a service, the audience will be able to keep track of the regional news, helping them maintain a decent amount of information level about their surroundings.

Releasing July 2021, the team of is developing an IOS app that will include news and other Geo-based information such as real estate, classifieds, and services. As the first online news platform in the Kannada community bringing in such a service, there is a lot of hype among the community members.

As the world continues to progress, humans move more towards development. The sad part is that while climbing the stairs of prosperity, they fail to maintain their authenticity and often compromise their credibility. has played its part in maintaining a reputation and sustaining its position without getting involved in unethical practices such as publishing false news in a cut-throat competition time like these. Observing their honest and dedicated work ethic, Web News Observer has created a wide fan base all over the world, helping them grow in every way possible.

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