Uttar Pradesh: BJP MLA says- cow urine protect from coronavirus


While the entire country is engaged in vaccines and medicines to ward off the coronavirus, a BJP MLA has claimed that consuming cow urine daily protects against the virus.

Surendra Singh, MLA from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, has put a video on social media saying that with the help of cow urine, control of the corona epidemic can be found, and he himself consumes it.

I live in the society continuously for 18 hours, still healthy – Surendra Singh.

In his video, Surendra Singh is saying, “You guys will be watching that I am healthy today by consuming this thing (cow urine) … I take five lids (cow urine) in cold water on an empty stomach after having a daily morning Drink. I do not know what the scientific element in this is… By using this, I live in the society continuously for 18 hours. I live in the midst of all of you; even after this, I am healthy. “

The advice of adding 100 ml of water in 50 ml urine

In his video, Surendra Singh has also told people how to consume cow urine. He has asked the people to take five lids of Pantjali by mixing them with cow urine. Those who do not have the money to buy Patanjali cow urine have been asked to take 50 ml cow urine of a cow from a neighbourhood or village and mix it in 100 ml water and consume it. They have advised to consume it on an empty stomach.

Watch the video of BJP MLA.


What is the condition of the coronavirus epidemic in Uttar Pradesh?

The second wave of corona infection in the country’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, has worsened the situation. 

On Saturday, 26,847 new cases were reported, and 298 patients died. Earlier, more than 30,000 new cases have also been reported here.

A total of 14,80,315 people have been infected, and 9,997 patients have died in the state so far. Restrictions like lockdown have been in place in the state since April 30.

What is the state of the epidemic in the whole country?

In India, 4,03,738 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported, and 4,092 patients died. More than four lakh people are being infected every day in the country for a few days.

With this, the total number of infected people in the country has increased to 2,22,96,414. Of these, 2,42,362 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus. The number of active cases has increased to 37,36,648.

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