14-day lockdown in Odisha to curb corona infection


Odisha has also joined the lockdown states, and the state government has imposed a 14-day lockdown to control rising cases of coronavirus.

This lockdown will be in force from today until May 19. During this time, only necessary services will be allowed. At the same time, the state will remain closed entirely on weekends, and no service will run from 6 pm Friday to 5 am Monday.

Odisha joins the list of states putting lockdown.

With this announcement, Odisha has joined the list of states which have put a lockdown to control corona infection.

Delhi has been under lockdown for the last two weeks and has been put in place for another week.

Strict restrictions like lockdown have been in force in Maharashtra for the past two weeks and can be extended.

There is also a 14-day curfew in Karnataka. Many other states have weekend lockdowns.

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