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Nagpur: For Covid-19 patients, plasma donor and blood bank phone numbers

If you are looking for plasma for a corona infected patient in Nagpur, then the plasma blood bank and plasma donor platform phone numbers given in this article may prove helpful.

India is most affected by the second wave of the Corona epidemic worldwide. Whereas in almost every state, the number of corona patients is increasing daily. Corona has the highest number of patients in Maharashtra, whose number has crossed 40 lakh. At the same time, about eight thousand people are getting infected daily in Nagpur city of the state. As such, the demand for plasma donors is increasing daily to treat severe corona patients in the city.

If a patient needs plasma in Nagpur, you can call the numbers given below –

Plasma Bank of Nagpur

  • Jeevan Jyoti Blood Center and Component

Contact Number: 0712-2231660

  • Dr. Hegdewar Blood Center

Contact Number: 0712-2528292

  • Lifeline Blood Bank Components and Office Center, Blood Bank (Lifeline Blood Bank Components & Apheresis Center, Blood Bank)

Contact Number: 9011981777

  • Rainbow Blood Bank

Contact Number: 0712-6636666

  • IGMC Mayo Hospital Central Avenue

Contact Number: 0712-2728622

Plasma facilities are available in all the above blood banks. But, as plasma demand is high, many times corona-infected patients may have to wait for plasma until they get a donor. Below we are sharing some website links with you. Where you can register to take plasma facilities and donate plasma.

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

  • ‘Overseas Volunteer for a Better India’ –

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

Covid Plasma Request

Plasma donor registration

In view of the increasing demand for plasma, people from many organizations have come forward to arrange a plasma donor. In which some people of Nagpur Rotary Club are continuously engaged in arranging plasma donor, mainly for the patients of Corona.


Plasma Donors


Club member Prashish Charde says that the club is actively arranging plasma donors for needy patients. These people have shared their emergency helpline numbers for arranging plasma donor. Prashish told that all his phone numbers are working. If there is no call on any number, then the patient and their family can call for the rest and get help.

He further added, “More than 100 calls are received on our numbers every day. We help people as far as possible. ” Their emergency helpline numbers are as follows –

  • Parish Charde 09096084841)
  • Sandeep Vaid 09022842455)
  • Mohammed Master 09822940792)
  • Abhishek Goyal 07020844518)
  • Saloni Bhagwani 07666190051)
  • Harshit Jain ( 07773952341)
  • Yash Goyal 08208682804)

All the above numbers are verified by our team. Our appeal is that you should spread this information to as many needy people as possible. Also, those who have recovered from Karona, donate plasma for the infected patients to the respective hospitals.

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