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Corona wreaks havoc on journalists in UP, 13 killed

Corona infection continues to prevail in Uttar Pradesh. Some districts of UP, including Lucknow, are going through a bad phase. In the last few days, deaths due to corona infection in UP have been increasing continuously. Many journalists have also become victims of death due to corona infection in many other districts, including Lucknow.

In the last few days, about ten journalists in Lucknow have died from Corona. Some of whom died due to lack of medical treatment and lack of arrangement of beds in the hospital at the right time. In Uttar Pradesh, people are dying during the time of death due to the dislocations of the government.

Vinay Srivastava

65-year-old Vinay Srivastava Corona, an independent journalist living in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow, was infected. His oxygen level had steadily declined to 52. He sought help by tweeting Yogi Adityanath as no hospital and doctors were picking up his phone. His son Harshit Srivastava took him to several hospitals in Lucknow, but he was not admitted. 

Despite pleading with the Chief Minister, no help reached him. Though the Chief Minister’s information advisor promised to help him, it was too late by then. Vinay Srivastava had died by then. Journalist Vinay Srivastava’s death was overshadowed by government chaos. Vinay Srivastava used to be counted among Lucknow and senior journalists of the country.

Tavishi Srivastava

The political editor of Pioneer newspaper Tavishi Srivastava died on April 18 from Corona. Tavishi Srivastava also went away for lack of treatment at the right time. Tavishi kept waiting for the ambulance at home, and Tavishi had died when the ambulance arrived. Hours before his death, Tavishi told a journalist colleague, “Save me from death.” Tavishi was a veteran and famous journalist from Lucknow. His father, Professor Kali Prasad, was the Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University and the Department of Psychology and Philosophy Chairman. Tashi Srivastava lived in Aminabad, Lucknow. Srivastava was infected and knew almost every chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, and at the same time, he had a good hold in the bureaucracy.

Himanshu Joshi

Senior Lucknow journalist Himanshu Joshi also succumbed to death due to corona infection. Himanshu Joshi’s demise died on April 16 during treatment at TS Mishra Hospital. He was infected with Corona in the previous days and was undergoing treatment. Himanshu Joshi was a senior journalist of Lucknow, and he was also the Bureau Chief of UNI Lucknow.

Ankit Shukla

Ankit Shukla, a 35-year-old journalist, working in the Lucknow edition of the Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran, died on April 16 from Corona. Ankit used to cover legal matters in Dainik Jagran as a law correspondent. A few days ago, Ankit was admitted to Lohia Hospital due to poor health, and then he was shifted to a special ward for treatment of Kovid, where Ankit died during treatment. Ankit has a wife, and a daughter in the family and his wife is also Kovid positive. Ankit was a vivacious and passionate person. Ankit was a flamboyant and young journalist. Ankit was also involved in social work. Ankit lived in Ahimamau, Lucknow. Dainik Jagran was employed in Lucknow for almost a decade.

Pramod Shrivastava

Pramod Srivastava, a senior journalist from Lucknow and a newly elected executive member of the Accredited Press Committee of Uttar Pradesh Headquarters, also succumbed to death due to corona infection. Pramod Srivastava was undergoing treatment at KGMU, where he died on March 27 during treatment. Pramod Shrivastava was 48 years old. Pramod Srivastava was admitted to KGMU in critical condition on March 25, where he died during treatment. Pramod Shrivastava has been working in various newspapers for the last 25 years. Pramod Srivastava was quite active in the election of the correspondent committee. After the election of the Correspondent Committee, a lot of journalists were found to be Corona positive.

Durga Prasad Shukla

Durga Prasad Shukla, a journalist from Lucknow Amar Ujala, also died of coronavirus infection. Durga Prasad Shukla was the correspondent of Umar Ujala from the Bakshi Ka Talab area. Durga Prasad had been battling fever and difficulty in breathing for several days. He died at his residence. His wife and two boys survive Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad Shukla was employed in various newspapers for the last three decades.

Sachchidanand Gupta’s ‘child’.

In this Kadhi, a senior journalist from Lucknow Sachchidanand Gupta ‘Sachch’ also died on April 14 due to coronavirus infection. Sachchidananda Sachch passed away after being infected with the Coronavirus. Sachchidananda was the editor of the Jadid Amal newspaper.

Brijendra Patel

Brijendra Patel, a 50-year-old journalist, working in the Agra edition of Hindustan, died on April 19 from Corona. When the health deteriorated, Brijendra Patel got a Kovid test which was positive. He was admitted to SN Hospital in Agra, where Brijendra died during treatment. Brijendra was a resident of Kanpur; for almost two years, he was serving in India in Agra. Brijendra Patel was in the journalism field for nearly 25 years, having served in many media institutions, including Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Rashtriya Sahara.

Shivanandan Sahu

In Kaushambi, 38-year-old journalist Shivanandan Sahu also died from Corona. Shivanandan Sahu died on April 10. Due to fever and shortness of breath, Shivanandan Sahu was admitted to SRN Hospital in Kaushambi, but his condition deteriorated, and he died during treatment. Shivanandan Sahu’s entire family is in the grip of corona infection. Shivanandan Sahu served as the correspondent of Punjab Kesari Digital.

Prashant Saxena

Bareilly journalist Prashant Saxena also came under fire from Coronavirus. Prashant was being treated in a hospital in Delhi, where Prashant died on April 20 during treatment. Prashant was a resident of Faridpur Tehsil of Bareilly. Prashant started his journalism with the Punjab Kesari newspaper. Prashant Amar Ujala had also served on Prime TV. Presently, he was associated with a digital platform.

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