3.32 lakh COVID-19 patients in the country and hospitals directly affected by severe oxygen shortage


New Delhi: The country has registered 3.32 lakh COVID cases in 24 hours. This is the highest daily rate of illness ever. With this, the total number of patients reached 1.63 crores.

The country has recorded 2263 deaths. With this, the number of deaths due to COVID has reached 1.87 lakh in the country. Most of the hospitals in the country are facing severe oxygen shortage. According to the latest report, a hospital in Delhi has blocked the admission of patients due to lack of oxygen.

The largest daily increase in COVID cases is reported in the capital, the country where COVID has suffered the most. In 24 hours, 348 deaths and 24,331 new cases were reported in Delhi. Maharashtra has the second-highest rate of COVID disease after Delhi.

In this context, the Chief Ministers of various states attended the COVID review meeting convened by the Prime Minister. He urged the entire industry to utilize its production capacity in the face of increasing demand for medical oxygen.

Foreign countries have suspended travel with India for fear of a severe COVID crisis in the country. The UAE has also imposed a travel ban


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