For settling compensation: State govt to declare 136 missing in Uttarakhand tragedy ‘dead’

On February 7, rescue teams have discovered 68 departure bodies after the glacier burst.

The designated government officer will issue death certificates of the lost people to their family relatives.

Over a fortnight after the devastating flash floods of February 7, the Uttarakhand government has initiated the practice of announcing 136 people missing after the catastrophe as”presumed dead” and issued a notification to that effect.

Of the first 204 individuals missing in the Chamoli disaster, search and rescue workers have recovered 69 bodies while 135 are still lost.

The death certificates will be issued for missing persons in three classes. While the first category is of individuals in the same district, the second group is individuals from other Uttarakhand districts that went missing following the catastrophe. The third category is of individuals from different nations of the country who were in the disaster site.

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