Interos Introduces New Set of Features Across Multiple Enterprise Functional Teams

Interos has made available a new set of features to speed up the supply chain risk detection and sharing on a Interos Resilience Operations Center (IROC) Framework which has Advanced Supply Chain Risk throughout multiple enterprise functions including Procurement, Business Continuity Planning, Enterprise Risk Management, and teams working on Information Security Risk. Interos has the leading multi-factor and multi-tier supply chain risk management platform.

Sparks and 360 degree change in enterprise strategies related to third-party risk management rose after the novel COVID-19 pandemic, interrupted trade pacts, hostile geopolitical agendas, and emerging regulatory requirements related to  governing the foreign technologies and infrastructure usage.

The COVID-19 pandemic, fractured trade pacts, adversarial geopolitical agendas, and new regulatory requirements (including NDAA Section 889 Part B) governing the use of foreign technologies and infrastructure have triggered a ‘reset’ in enterprise strategies for third-party risk management.

New set of Interos product comes with advance set of rules of new architecture, the paltform’s Resilience Operations Center framework, for sharing information, and speedy response to supplier vulnerability and distress. The platform has alerts system which notifies the analysts after detecting changes in supplier governance, geographic, and financial risks .

Interos CEO and founder, Jennifer Bisceglie said, “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to third-party risk management. The concerns of a multinational manufacturer are vastly different than those of a mid-size financial services organization or government agencies. The Interos ROC™ framework is designed to address the needs of almost every organization with common information and analytics to support the tactics, techniques, and procedures organizations can use appropriate to the scope of their third-party risk management challenges and goals.”

The company will release guidebook on its blog, says it would be made available “chapter by chapter” .

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