Plumrose USA Plans a new $200M production Facility Project

Subsidiary of JBS USA, Plumrose USA which is branded packaged meat company has plans to construct a new production facility of Italian meats and charcuterie. The company’s new  greenfield project is aimed at the strategically inmportant location that could allow efficiently access of raw material and give leverage synergies with the help of companty’s existing wokring assets. The project is estimetaed to cost $200M. This investment is inline with the company’s long-term strategy which will help raising its portfolio of innovative and trendy products.

Plumrose USA which has more than 85 years of experience in providing premium bacon, and a variety of deli products has initiated the new project which will allow reinforcing its strategic commitment to grow its business and be a stronger partner for its customers, could provide more opportunities for the company’s team members.

Plumrose USA President Thomas Lopez said, “Plumrose USA is uniquely positioned to meet growing consumer demand for great-tasting, high-quality Italian meats, like salami and prosciutto.”

Plumrose USA is currently has business operations in six production facilities. JBS USA, an American food company with the honor of world’s second largest pork production footprint, acquired it in 2017.

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