Modern Health Announces Findings Of Its Report

Modern Health announces the findings from its State of Industry: Mental Health in the Coronavirus era Report. The company has added that it has started its research in May 2020 and it has surveyed more than 700 adults and they also told about the impact Covid-19 pandemic has put on their work, finance, relationship and mental health.

It is an undeniable fact the Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious issues to the mental health and wellbeing across the country. About 47% of the people claimed that they have felt more anxiety, depression and stress during the pandemic than at any other stage or time in their life.

About 53% of the people are worried that they will never be able to go back to their old routine life. About 34% of the people feel that the global Covid-19 pandemic will cause a negative impact on the finances, income and career.

About 42% of the individuals said they are currently quarantining with their partner and 40% said that the Covid-19 pandemic has helped to improve their relationship with others.

Vice President of Clinical Care at Modern Health, Dr. Myra Altman said. “Coronavirus alone was making employees more stressed than ever – almost half reported feeling more stress and anxiety throughout this outbreak than any other time in their life. As a result, we saw a significant shift in attitudes with over a third of employees more open to seeking support for mental health than pre-pandemic.”

“It was against this backdrop that America witnessed the killing of George Floyd which sparked off activist protests globally. We are facing compounding crises in America that is clearly creating a stronger and more urgent need for mental health support. 2020 has to be the year that we take steps to democratize and destigmatize access to mental health care for all,” Myra Altman concluded.

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