BMS CAT Announces The Acquisition Of Diamond Restoration

BMS CAT has announced that the company has successfully acquired the Diamond Restoration based in North Carolina. The company has further added that Zach Fisher and Carol Fannon, who are the former owner of Diamond, will remain attached to the company and will assist BMS CAT company to integrate the Diamond Restoration.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT, Tom Head said, “We could not be more excited about this opportunity, as it allows us to combine the strong local reputation that Diamond Restoration boasts in the Charlotte area with BMS CAT’s national footprint and operational expertise.”

Company’s former owner, Carol Fannon said, “I am excited and honored to be chosen to serve as an integral part of the growth at the BMS CAT organization. I hope to grow our client relationships within the insurance industry, as well as showcase our exceptional operational response while increasing our footprint.”

Eastern Region Vice President of BMS CAT, Jeremy James said, “With the addition of this location, we are able to expedite our response services and help our residential and commercial customers in a timely manner. But, the aspect that I am looking forward to the most is working with the passionate and knowledgeable employees at this location.”

About Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT:

The company has started back in 1948 as the dye and furniture shop and it has now grown to become a leader in Fire recovery, storm damage recovery and water damage recovery. The former founders of the company founded it on the basis of quality, reliability and superior customer service. The company expanded its portfolio in 1981 with the addition of BMS CAT in 1981 and since then, it has turned into a credible company and has addressed most devastating disasters.

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