Gurtam Announces To Launch Global Competition

Gurtam has announced that the company has decided to launch global competition to find the IoT project of the year. The company has further said that all the companies associated with the IoT solutions and telematics are fully eligible to participate in the competition. The company has further added that the software, equipment, locations and size of the company is not important to be part of the competition.

The primary aim of the competition is to demonstrate the IoT projects by evaluating the financial benefits they are offering to their clients.

The company has further added that all the winners of the competition would be selected through 15 nominations.

Head of Wuakib Division at Gurtam, Aliaksandr Kuushynau said, “Every month, thousands of projects worldwide are implemented on our Wialon platform alone. We have launched this competition to show that these technologies can streamline almost any business or even entire industries.”

“So, the IoT project of the year competition is a chance for any company, regardless of its size and country of location, to quickly become a prominent player in the market, attract new clients, gain support from the telematics community, and influence the development of the industry as a whole,” Aliaksandr further added.

“We are confident that the exchange of knowledge, experience, and best practices will allow each participant to make their business more sustainable and profitable, advance business processes, and this will increase the level of service in the industry,” Aliksandr Kuushynau concluded.

About Grutam:

Grutam is basically a Belarusian software development company with offices in Buenos Aires, Moscow, Minsk, Boston and Dubai. The company’s premium product is Wialon, which is basically a platform for GPS tracking and it has more than 2.4 million units connected globally in different parts of the world.

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