eResonsate Media To Acquire Live-Streaming Technology And Assets from Livit Media

eResonate Media has announced that the company has entered the agreement with Livit Media to acquire its assets and Live-streaming technology. After the proposed acquisition, the founder of the Livit Media, Adam Blazer, will join the eResonate as the Chief Experience Officer (CEO) and he will also be added to the company’s member of the board of directors.

Since 2019, both the companies have collaborated to develop a new and innovative online music platform. The music platform initially broadcasts up to 10,000+ live music venues.

Chief Executive Officer of eResonate, Michael Gisser said, “Musicians are now more than ever seeking a better solution to help them reach and connect with their fans in a way that truly ‘eResonates.’ Small live-music venue owners feel unsure about reopening to the public, while wondering if they can remain economically viable.”

“eResonate offers venues and musicians a new way to monetize live music performances to either augment or replace their reliance on beverage sales as a primary source of revenue. eResonate is bringing a long-awaited revolution in business for venues, musicians and fans,” eResonate CEO Michael Gisser further added.

Newly appointed Chief Financial Officer of the company, Adam Blazer said, “The eResonate transaction afforded us an opportunity to join an amazing team of highly credentialed and experienced professionals who are building an exciting new platform to better serve the large community of previously ignored music fans. Leveraging our streaming capture, production and distribution technology to tens of thousands of locations will be the culmination of a decade of hard work.”

“It’s intensely satisfying to provide unique, compelling content to millions of music fans who, especially now, find themselves searching for a new professional form of compelling live music entertainment,” Adam Blazer further added in the statement.

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