Truck-Lite Holdings Changes Name To Clarience Technologies

Truck-Lite Holdings, a leading transportation provider for recreational and commercial purposes, has announced on Monday May 11, 2020 that the company has changed its corporate Name from Truck-Lite Holdings to Clarience Technologies with immediate effect. The changing of the new name reflects the company’s focus to provide transportation services through technology-driven brands. The company’s new name Clarience is formed by combining the ‘Clarity’, which the company brings to its valued customers and ‘Science’, which reflect how the company offered its service to clients.

The Clarience Technologies is basically a family of brand and each brand will now inherent the company’s name from its parent company. The company has further clarified that all its services to customers will continue as usual with no change in services or quality of products.

Chief Executive Officer of Brian Kupchella said, “For over 65 years, we have been a leading innovator and manufacturer of the highest-quality, most trusted products for the commercial and recreational transportation marketplace. As we have evolved, we’ve built a family of businesses – Truck-Lite, DAVCO, Road Ready, RIGID and Lumitec – each with strong market position and lasting customer relationships. We’ve also focused on our key capabilities in electronics and technology, building best-in-class telematics offerings and the most advanced lighting and safety systems available.”

“As we continue to grow and innovate, we’ve made several changes to our operations including establishing our new Global R&D Center in Pittsburgh, PA, near Carnegie Mellon University, and Global Headquarters in Southfield, Michigan.” Brian further added.

The next step in our transformation is rebranding our parent company to better reflect our mission to provide visibility and safety to the transportation industry through leading electronics, technology, telematics and data analytics capabilities. We adhere to a simple principle: in transportation, the more you can see and be seen, the better,” Brian continued.

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