Tropical Smoothie Cafe Announces One Million Smoothie Giveaway For Nationwide Guests

Tropical Smoothie Café, a leading fast-casual concept smoothie café, has announced on Friday May 8, 2020 that the company has decided to distribute one million smoothie giveaways for nationwide guests. The company has just completed the milestone to distribute 200,000 smoothies to the healthcare workers, who are battling the Covid-19 pandemic on the frontline. Now, the smoothie café has decided to distribute 5 folds of smoothie in the coming weeks.

The Tropical Smoothie Café has further announced a pledge $100,00 to the American Nurses Foundation after successfully completing the milestone of giving away 1 Million smoothies across the country. The smoothie company has opened their web portal through which customers can pick the redeemable single-use promo code that is eligible for one smoothie.

After placing the order, the customer can easily pick the smoothie from any company’s designated location. The company has further clarified that customers cannot request the free smoothies directly at the café and has to place their order on the website only to avail the offer.

Chief Executive Officer of Tropical Smoothie Café, Charles Watson said, “We were humbled by the incredible response to the 200,000 smoothies our franchisees donated to frontline heroes nationwide.”

“The smiles we saw and stories we heard inspired us to think bigger and explore how we could do even more to support the communities we serve. Our guests have always told us our smoothies provide a refreshing, momentary escape and we figured everyone could use a little escape right now. So, we decided to extend our smoothie giveaway to everyone in America by offering 1,000,000 free smoothies,” Watson further added.

Executive Director of American Nurses Foundation, Kate Judge said, “The support Tropical Smoothie Cafe already gave to nurses and other healthcare professionals is tremendous. We appreciate them doing even more by giving away 1 million smoothies and making a generous donation to the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.”

“Their donation will help the Foundation support critical areas where frontline nurses need immediate and ongoing support like mental wellness, direct financial assistance and national advocacy,” Kate Judge further added.

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