VaynerX Launches New E-Commerce Platform VanerCommerce

VanerX, a digital communication and marketing company, has announced on Monday April 27, 2020 that the company has launched a new E-Commerce Platform named as the VanerCommerce. According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the company’s announcement came shortly after the acquisition of Lucid Fusion, a top-quality design and engineering company.

VaynerCommerce will offer a new range of e-commerce brands by using a rapid-experimentation-based approach. Furthermore, VaynerCommerce will also make preparations to consult with different brands to address the E-commerce problems that the industry is facing.

Chairman of VanerX, Gary Vanerchuk said, “There is a fundamental shift in the e-commerce market. To date, many over-funded direct-to-consumer companies have focused on the acquisition-heavy growth strategies and paid media to grow their brands.”

“VaynerCommerce brings a new and different offering to the marketplace, focused on growth through the lens of customer lifetime value. By integrating the entire funnel across creative, media, technology and life cycle marketing, we are able to deliver an outcomes-focused approach for our clients. My background is in e-commerce, having started The Wine Library — one of the first e-commerce wine websites — in 1996. I am therefore super excited to launch this company and feel that now is the right time to do it,” Said Mr. Vanerchuk.

Former Executives, Zubin Mowlavi said, “We are thrilled to be a part of VaynerX. The organization Gary has built centers on a culture focused on delivering tangible value to brands. It is nothing short of brilliant.”

“Lucid Fusion’s goal has always been to help brands achieve sustainable growth through our technology solutions. Now, at VaynerCommerce, we can deliver on this mandate across media, creative, technology and data science.” Mowlavi further added.

Chief Commercial Officer of VanerX, Robbie Deeks said, “I began my career at Shopify, and since leaving there two years ago, I’ve been quietly building Vayner’s e-commerce capabilities. So, to bring VaynerCommerce to market with an offering that will help brands chart new paths in e-commerce is both incredibly exciting and what the market needs in this ever-changing landscape.”

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