Uncertainty Looms At Amazon Shutdown In France

US-based eCommerce and retail Giant, Amazon, has closed all its warehouses in France and uncertainty looms at the reopening of those warehouses. According to the Reuters, the US-based retail giant has closed all its warehouses in France over the clash with the unions to protect its workers during the pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that US-bases eCommerce Giant, Amazon, has so far closed up to 6 warehouses in France, which are used to keep stock of goods for shipment to the designated destinations. Amazon is facing immense pressure both in native and other countries over the lack of safety measures for its employees.

Amazon has shut down all its operations in France, making it the one and only country US-based eCommerce giant has shut down its operations over the complained of the unions.

A local court in France takes sides with the genuine demands of workers and ordered the company to solely focus on delivering of essential food items during the ongoing pandemic. On the other hand, Amazon’s France Chief Executive, Frederic Duval, has rejected the courts order by saying that the company will appeal against the order in the coming days.

Amazon’s French Chief Executive further added that the company has to stop all the trading activities through its warehouse, which costs company $1.1m per day.

“There is a huge ambiguity. Is a nail clipper a hygiene product? Is a condom a medical item? I’m not able to define that.” Duval further added in his statement.

Interesting to note that the Court orders to limit deliveries only to groceries, hygiene products and medical supplies in the country, but it has not ordered the closure of the company’s warehouses.

However, Amazon’s France Boss added that the company will make necessary arrangements to settle the issue with the unions, but he can’t guarantee the exact timeframe for it.

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