Singapore Barred Teachers From Using Zoom App For Privacy Concerns

The Southeast Asian Country, Singapore, has barred its Teachers for using the famous video-conferencing App Zoom over privacy and safety concerns. The development came in the first week of COVID-19 lockdown.

According to Reuters. Zoom App is facing backlashing and criticizing over weak privacy and safety policy. The App records high usage after the lockdown of countries due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Singapore’s Education Ministry Technology Division senior officer, Araron Loh, has said, “These are very serious incidents. “The Ministry of Education (MOE) is currently investigating both breaches and will lodge a police report if warranted.”

“As a precautionary measure, our teachers will suspend their use of Zoom until these security issues are ironed out.” Aaron further added.

Singapore Education Ministry official further said that the ministry will take all out possible steps to advise and recommend teachers on following strict security protocols, such an not sharing the meeting links beyond the concerned authorities and use secure log-ins that will prevent the leakage of data to third person or parties.

Concerns have grown over the use of the Zoom App, when uninvited and unethical guests start appearing in live meetings.

It is important to mention that US Tech Giant, Google, and other countries as Germany and Taiwan has already suspended the use of Zoom App due to the loophole in its privacy feature. Furthermore, the company is also facing a lawsuit for the security lapse.

In order to address the security and privacy concerns of users, Zoom has launched 3-months plan to strengthen its privacy and security issues. The company has also hired the former Security Chief of Facebook, Alex Stamos, to address the issue best possible manner.

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